Do You Have What It Takes?

The Marketing Association of Credit Unions (MAC, at your service) knows that successful marketing is a lot tougher than it looks—we all just make it look easy! That’s why we want to highlight and award the marketers who really step up their game and create terrific campaigns with tangible results. If that’s you, check out the MAC Awards categories and judging criteria below and throw your hat in the ring—you never know who could be taking home the coveted MACQUEE Best of Show Award!

MAC Awards

The 2019 MAC Awards are now closed – thank you to everyone that entered. Check back here for samples of the winning entries in early June.

Judging Criteria

Entries of the same asset categories will be scored and judged together to evaluate the entry’s:

  • Objectives
  • Target Audience
  • Overall Strategy
  • Competitive Factors
  • Return on Investment (if applicable)
think outside the box


(0-40 points)

Costs involved and objectives and desired goals achievement, including return on investment.


(0-30 points)

Use of art/photography, design, type style, copy (or audio/visual equivalents) in pursuit of goals and how you have differentiated yourself from others in your market.


(0-30 points)

Your succinct strategy, how it relates to your organization’s strategic plan and vision and what components were used to develop the plan (actions, tactics, etc.) for the project/campaign.

Only entries that average a score at or above the score levels below are eligible for an award.

first place
First Place
80 points, one winner
second place
Second Place
65 points, one winner
third place
Third Place
50 points, up to two winners

The score level for categories in which results are not required are:

first place
First Place
50 points, one winner
second place
Second Place
38 points, one winner
third place
Award of Merit
28 points, up to two winners

In the event no entry achieves the necessary score level, no award will be given. But don’t worry, there’s always next year!