Save the date for the MAC Conference 2019 in NOLA!

May 28 – 31, 2019
New Orleans Marriott
New Orleans, LA

Don’t miss your chance to experience:

  • Networking with top marketers
  • World-class general sessions
  • Workshop-style breakout sessions
  • Exhibitors from across the industry ready to partner with credit union marketers
  • Events to help you think outside the box and our legendary booth crawl
  • The MAC Awards dinner

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MAC 2019 Conference Agenda


Get ready for an epic adventure and one of the best conference kick-offs we’ve ever had!

2:00pm – 3:30pm | Interactive Workshop –Linking your Digital Transformation and Data Analytics into Brand & Marketing Strategies, Randy Schultz, VP of Marketing at Strum Agency
For your digital transformation to be truly effective, marketing, IT and operational strategies –and even your culture must align behind highly personalized member journeys and a well-articulated and modern brand position.

Success requires new ways of thinking about data mining, targeting and traditional channels in marketing strategies. By leveraging rich member behavioral analytics and market big data you can better target member and prospect segments that grow wallet share and market share. The C-Suite grows impatient for tangible growth results from marketing budgets. And no one is better positioned than a savvy marketing leader to drive transformation.

Marketers must carefully balance budgets with a shift towards highly measurable digital marketing, building market brand awareness and relevant competitive differentiation.


  • How leaders are making the shift from product campaigns, to a highly focused member and prospect-focused strategy using data analytics and psychographic segment targeting.
  • Differentiate your brand with relevant distinction, highly personalized content and innovative experiences across all channels
  • How the right data analytics, dashboards and business intelligence that talks to each other can help you direct the right combination of traditional and digital marketing – that appeal to your targets and delivers results.

4:00pm – 6:30pm |  Team Building – Mardi Gras Style!
NOLA is home to Mardi Gras and what would Mardi Gras be without beads and amazing floats?! We’ll let you handle getting the beads on your own, but MAC is ready to give you a true New Orleans experience with a Team Building and Networking Event at Mardi Gras World.

Attendees will have the opportunity to take a tour to see where all of the Mardi Gras floats are stored and built, then have a chance to get in on the action and build their own mini-float alongside other MAC attendees and Exhibitors! Did we mention we’ll be serving drinks there too?

Get ready for some friendly competition—we’ll vote on the best float and announce which team takes the win at our MAC Awards show Thursday night!


8:30am – 9:00am | Registration and Breakfast with Suppliers

9:00am – 10:15am| MORNING KEYNOTE – Drew Davis: The Curiosity Factor
Sponsored by CU Content
The psychological phenomena creative brands employ to earn and own attention in a noisy world.  Our members and prospects tell us they have no time to read our emails, dive-in to our blog posts, or watch our videos.  However, these very same customers can binge watch two seasons of Stranger Things on Netflix in one weekend! Where’s the disconnect?

Maybe, in our quest to make our content consumable we’ve eliminated every element that makes our content interesting?

In this exhilarating keynote presentation, Andrew Davis will show you how to keep your audience curious. More importantly, you’ll learn the simple secret to creating infinitely engaging content.

What’s the secret? You’ll have to wait and see.

Want to learn more about Andrew? Check out this video.

10:15am – 10:40am| Morning Networking Break

10:45am – 11:45am | BREAKOUT SESSIONS 

The Changing Face of Business Development – Time To Stop Doing It “The way it’s always been done!”
Pam Hatt, VP Marketing, Pen Air Federal Credit Union

There’s a reason they call her “the shredder” – it’s all about her passion and energy for questioning everything. And the results for the organization have been a turn-around in years of stagnant growth with the ushering in of a rearticulated, fresh brand that staff has taken to heart while shouting “viva communerosity” from the rooftops. Pam has been instrumental in blowing up business development with a re-focus into community development, with results that have moved the needle for growth. Be part of Pam’s networking presentation and take back tools to your credit union to help you:

  • Find the magic in your organizations soul.
  • What this communerosity thing is all about!
  • Three ways to make your credit union a disruptor in your community.
  • And why Business Development is everyone’s job.

Stop being part of the problem and learn how to lead by example as a solution-seeker in your organization!

Achieving Meaningful but Efficient Deposit Growth Through Marketing and Analytics – Tim Keith, Chief Marketing Strategist, BakerHill
As rates have risen, the competition for deposit funding has become intense. As margins expand, the real financial gap between effective and ineffective deposit gathering is becoming increasingly significant. This session will discuss how analytics and marketing can integrate three key components of strategy: deposit volume goals, retention management, and repricing risk to produce greater overall net interest income.

Your Secret Decoder Ring: A Guide to Connecting with Members Across Generations
Hope Shau, Eller Professor of Marketing at the University of Arizona

You can’t go to a credit union conference without finding multiple breakout sessions on how we might best connect with Millennials and Gen Z. We talk a lot about these generations, but how do we turn this chatter into action? By turning research into engagement. Dr. Hope Schau, Eller Professor of Marketing at the University of Arizona will share guidance that will change the way you market and maybe even the way you coach your team to talk with members across the generational range. You’ll leave armed with tools to make your marketing even more impactful. Your members will thank you for talking their language.

12:00pm – 1:00pm | Networking Lunch with Suppliers

1:15pm – 2:30pm | GENERAL SESSION | Trumpet Agency – Sponsored by SavvyMoney
New Orleans, a Story of Challenges and Triumphs: What New Orleans can teach about Purposeful Marketing
Scott Couvillon from Trumpet and Tyronne Walker, Vice President of Communications and Public Affairs at the Greater New Orleans Foundation
2018 marked New Orleans’ 300th year. And while certainly an occasion deserving national celebration of where we’ve been, it was a perfect context for local introspection on where we’re going. An initiative called The Will and the Way set out to displace a backwards-looking amassing of success with a forward-looking call for improvement. Citing accomplishments at the most fundamental levels of society as a catalyst for momentum at an individual, not corporate or governmental level seen as the only way for New Orleans to become the City we all want.

The structure and logic of this thinking serves as a model of motivation for any Brand, whether corporate or cause — nonprofit or for profit. It understands the interplay between product and purpose and the role of “belief” in the ability for communications to garner impacts disproportionate the investment.

2:45pm – 3:45pm | BREAKOUT SESSIONS 

More from Andrew Davis!
No messing around at MAC – you’re here to learn and we’re here to deliver. Call it a break out, call it a break through, call it a break dance – the fact is, you’re going to hear more from Andrew as he picks up where he left off in his keynote address, expanding on how we, as marketers need to be disruptors when it comes to taking the brand-building lead in our organizations, and within ourselves.

How can we build growth in our credit unions across all channels with a new digital focus, while building a volunteer following internally and externally within our communities to help people transform themselves and those around them. Head home full of ideas and ready to hit the ground running with more from Andrew in this bonus breakout session.

Innovation, Culture and ITMs—A case study , Eric Lundberg, COO, Texas Tech Credit Union
It can be hard for a credit union to compete with the mega-bank’s size and scale, but a credit union’s business model does have its advantages. Texas Tech Credit Union is using its small size to rapidly innovate and change the way banking is performed. As a member owned institution, our projects focus on improved member service and increased efficiencies in the long run without the pressure of delivering short term results.

Eric Lundberg started his career in the credit union industry as an NCUA Examiner before joining Texas Tech Credit Union in 2014. He served as the Chief Financial Officer for two years before transitioning to the Chief Operations Officer were he spearheaded the credit union’s branch transformation strategy. Eric is responsible for daily operations, member experiences and strategic vision. Eric’s goals are to provide members with new and innovative ways to bank and to keep Texas Tech Credit Union employees empowered, engaged and motivated.

Digital Targeting Precision 2.0 – Andrew Catalano, Chief Digital Officer, Austin & Williams
Back by popular demand and here to share today’s insights and best practices for digital marketing with precision, Andrew will share new innovative ways to connect with prospective members. The latest “shiny thing” can be tempting, but will it work? Are there ways to blaze your own path? In this session Andrew will cover the tactics, channels and strategies that will drive results for your credit union in the coming year.

This year’s session highlights include:

  • Tried and True – Learn new opportunities to make paid search campaigns more effective.
  • Video – Discover the best practices for creating video content that immediately stands out and engages your prospects.
  • Data-Driven Personalization – Find out how to leverage the mountains of data to which you have access to make your communications both personalized and automated!
  • Digital Powered Offline Media – How data gathered from digital applications can be used to make offline media more targeted and more effective as part of your integrated planning mix.
  • Artificial Intelligence – How voice assistants, chat bots and programmatic media can be used to step up your credit union’s marketing game.
  • Advanced Analytics – Come find out how you can step up your tracking intelligence: From in-branch visits to traditional media performance, data that was once un-trackable is now available at your fingertips.

4:00pm – 5:30pm | MAC 2019 Booth Crawl
The legendary event that started with MAC. Come network with suppliers and credit union marketers while enjoying great food and drinks.



8:30am – 9:00am | Registration and Breakfast with Suppliers

9:00am – 9:15am | Intro to the day

9:15am – 10:15am | MORNING KEYNOTE | Jen Waldman – Sponsored by Strum Agency

The Value of Storytelling 
“People don’t buy what you do, they buy Why you do it,” and the stories we share about ourselves and our organizations serve as the proof of our Why. By carefully scripting our stories, we proclaim to the world who we are and what we believe in a clear and meaningful way. But consider this: every single thing we do has storytelling value. In every moment (consciously or not) we are telling a story about ourselves or our organizations with our behaviors and our actions. Our scripted stories mean nothing if the unscripted day-to-day stories fail to serve as evidence of their message. In this interactive keynote based on the principles of the Golden Circle, Jen Waldman offers tools for identifying, crafting, and sharing impactful stories, as well as methods for ensuring that your actions are in alignment with your message.

Jen Waldman helps people hone in on their unique gifts, empowering them to take action with authenticity and heart. Using her background in the arts, she encourages creative thinking and imagination, so that others can cultivate new ideas and share them with the world.

Jen and Simon Sinek united several years ago when Simon became aware that Jen was using the Golden Circle to inspire artists to make a greater impact with their work. The two recognized that by combining their efforts they could help people across many different industries discover their WHY and bring it to life. Jen now travels the world offering Why-inspired keynotes and workshops on leadership, communication, and presentation skills so that individuals and organizations can have more impact with their ideas.
Check out this video where Jen discusses the Power of Why.

10:15am – 10:45am| Morning Networking Break

10:45am – 11:45am | MACQUEE Live!
Hundreds of entries, dozens of category awards, but in the end, there can be only one crowned Best of Show 2019. Sure we could let the judges vote on this too, but why let them have all the fun! Here is where the best of the best are front and center, on stage – delivering an empowered presentation on all the hard work they’ve done to be considered for the MACQUEE award…all while giving us their best Mardi Gras dance impression at the same time (that may be just a bit of an exaggeration, but we won’t tell them that).

12:00pm – 1:00pm | Networking Lunch with Suppliers

1:15pm – 2:00pm | BREAKOUT SESSIONS 

Personal Branding – The Importance of Marketing Yourself
Lynne Jarman-Johnson, Chief Marketing Officer, Consumers Credit Union and Wendy Beswick, Vice President, Marketing, Service Credit Union
We know how to market our credit union but how well do we sell ourselves. In this breakout session learn the importance of marketing our most important client, ourselves. With a combined 40 years of marketing experience and a combined 28,000 followers on Twitter (no that is not a typo) these two marketing experts clearly understand the importance of marketing yourself. They will discuss how to market your own personal brand and why this is important. Whether you are looking to advance within your current employer or move on to a better opportunity, selling yourself is key. They will share some do’s and don’ts including some horror stories (and some nice wins too). Discuss the importance of finding your voice within the right social media channel for you and social selling in general.

Not Your Traditional CSR: Investing for Social Change
Liz Lougheed Green, Director of Community Investment, Vancity
From its genesis, Vancity has been a values‐driven financial institution with a commitment to responding to the needs of its members and the communities where it does business. A focus on continuous learning to address complex problems (affordability, sustainability and inclusion among others) and the need to rethink wicked challenges, has influenced Vancity’s model. Today, their Community Investment uses a systems approach to understanding and addressing issues. The approach relies on clarity of focus, rethinking traditional ways of doing things, partnering for delivery and a commitment to using all of its assets in service of it objectives. This session will overview Vancity’s approach to community investment, discuss its evolution, and share cases studies highlighting successes and challenges.

Getting a Seat at the Table – A guide to understanding call reports and key ratios
Rich Jones, President & CEO, Leading2Leadership
If you’re looking to do more than have a seat at the table…but be the one who sets the table – you want to make sure you know how to put the credit unions numbers to work for you. That’s where Rich Jones, runner, biker, mentor, teacher has your back – and will explode your brain with tips to make sure you are on track to lead the conversation on what marketing can do to boost key ratios and growth. You’ll walk away knowing the answers to these questions and many more:

  • What’s the net worth ratio and how is it calculated?
  • How can marketing directly and indirectly impact the financials (both positively and negatively)?
  • How to make sure your marketing plans are aligned with the organizational strategies and key ratios?

And if you know Rich like we know Rich, you’re in for a few epiphanies along the way, mixed in with some pretty interesting stories about his time as the Mayor of Bourbon Street (that might be a little exaggeration). Bring your table setting – because you’ll leave this session ready to “serve it up” at your next meeting with management!

2:00pm – 2:30pm | Afternoon Networking Break

2:30pm – 3:30pm | GENERAL SESSION | Culture, Brand and Valuing Marketing
Todd Marksberry, President & CEO, Canvas Credit Union
Very few credit union leaders would argue that the time is now for credit unions to tell their story. We often talk a good game, but may not be willing to put those words into action. In this engaging session, Todd Marksberry, President & CEO of Canvas Credit Union will share why brand and marketing matter so deeply. You’ll learn why marketing must be a shared strategic resource across the organization and how Canvas has created that shared service model through the organization’s recent brand transformation process. Marksberry will paint a picture of the connection between brand, culture and people. You’ll leave this session inspired, energized and with at least two new ideas that you can put into action when you get back to the credit union.

5:30pm – 6:30pm | Cocktail Hour

6:30pm – 8:00pm | MAC Awards Gala
Join us for a Bourbon Street style night of marketing accolades, awards and the MARQUIS-sponsored after party. Marketers who have been working feverishly all year, up’ing their game, tracking results, demanding larger budgets to do more, more, more for members and their communities…and now, it all comes down to this. Left in the capable hands of our judges to distinguish, debate, delineate and decide on who the winners are, and once decided – to be kept in a hermetically-sealed pickle jar, locked in an underground bunker in Marc Wilensky’s backyard, until read at the awards ceremony. It’s going to be epic! It’s MAC. It’s NOLA. It’s the MACQUEE Awards with an after party sponsored by MARQUIS.

9:00pm – 11:00pm | MAC Awards Afterparty | Sponsored by MARQUIS

Friday, MAY 31 – DAY 4

9:00am – 11:00am | Breakfast – Mimosas, Bloody Mary’s and Business Cards – It’s optional…and really just one last chance to network…very informal.
Don’t let the title fool you…this…is where the connections are made, deals are sealed, and you give people your real name! It’s been called the Pay-off Party (no…not because of that), because this brings everything you’ve learned and the connections you’ve made back together for one last hurrah (and a sip of the dog that bit ya). We’ll all be there – so come by and tell us your best NOLA story (promise it won’t end up on our website).