Conference Exhibitor Agreement

The Marketing Association of Credit Unions (MAC) will provide each exhibitor with:

  • One power outlet for each booth.
  • One six-foot table (with linen), two chairs and a trash bin

Exhibitor Introduction

To give you even greater visibility, MAC will give the opportunity to each supplier company to briefly introduce themselves to attendees and describe what their company offers MAC members.

Exhibitor Schedule

Sunday, September 8, 2024
3-6pm ONLY- Booth setup
Please do not come into the ballroom outside of this time and set up.  We will have security during this time to allow exhibitors in.

Monday, September 9, 2024
8am – Mandatory Exhibitor meeting
8:30am-12pm – Booth set up

Wednesday, September 11, 2024
3:45pm – Mandatory Exhibitor Feedback meeting. We will hold a short meeting to hear your feedback and then you can begin loading out.  Please DO NOT begin packing up before this time.

Please note: “MAC Conference and your booth name (company name and contact)” on all boxes and crates.   Please email with your tracking information and we will do our best to have your shipments at your booth upon arrival on Sunday.

There will be a mandatory Exhibitor meeting in the ballroom at 8am on Monday, September 9, 2024. Installation of exhibits may begin after that meeting and must be completed by noon that afternoon, the kickoff keynote session starts at 1pm. Teardown must be completed and all exhibit materials must be removed from the exhibit hall between 3:45pm and 4:45pm on Wednesday, September 11, 2024.

Exhibit Setup and Teardown

Exhibiting materials may be sent in advance. Shipping for MAC Conference should be delivered on Saturday, September 7, 2024.

If you need to schedule a delivery to the loading dock, here is loading dock request form.  

Please contact the FedEx manager:
Robert Pugh
Senior Store Manager

Shipments made or received more than three days prior to the start of the event will incur a storage fee. Exhibiting materials should be shipped to the below address and attention:

Hold for Guest: (Guest Name) (Guest Cell Number)
c/o FedEx Office at the Loews Hollywood Hotel
1755 N Highland Ave
Los Angeles, California, 90028
(2024 MAC Conference)
Box___ of___

Exhibit Area Assignments

Exhibit assignments will be made on a first-come, first-served basis. Areas are reserved only when registration form/contract and full payment of fees are received by MAC. Checks should be made payable to Marketing Association of Credit Unions, must accompany the registration form/contract and be sent to:

Marketing Association of Credit Unions
305 Vineyard Town Center, #153
Morgan Hill, CA 95037-5674

Credit cards (Visa, MC, AMEX) are also accepted when you submit this form.

Exhibit Representatives

All representatives staffing a booth are required to be registered for the conference. A minimum of one and a maximum of three people staffing each booth space at any time is allowed.

Each exhibit booth registration includes one complimentary full conference registration, which includes conference program; access to all educational sessions; lunch on Tuesday and Wednesday; as well as admission to the networking event on Monday evening, the boothcrawl on Tuesday evening, and the awards ceremony and afterparty on Wednesday evening. Additional booth staff will be $799 per person.

Failure to Occupy Space

The exhibitor will forfeit any space not occupied by noon on Monday, September 9, 2024. MAC reserves the right to reassign or use the space without refund.


In the event that the conference is cancelled, postponed or relocated on account of fire, strikes, government regulations, casualties, acts of God, or other causes beyond the control of the Association, the exhibitor waives any and all claim to damages and agrees that the sole liability of the Marketing Association of Credit Unions shall be to return to each exhibitor their rental payment.

Station or Liability Indemnification

Neither the Marketing Association of Credit Unions, Westin Michigan Avenue, nor any agent or employee thereof will be liable for loss of or damage to the exhibitor’s property from fire, theft, or any other causes, or for personal injury to agents or employees of the exhibitor. The exhibitor agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the Marketing Association of Credit Unions and Westin Michigan Avenue, its representatives, employees, and agents from any and all claims from property damage or personal injury by whomsoever sustained including the exhibitor, its agents or employees. Exhibitors desiring special security precautions should arrange for private guard service at their own expense.

Exhibit Dimensions

The Association will provide one eight-foot (deep) x ten-foot (wide) space to each exhibitor unless otherwise noted. Displays are not to exceed eight feet in height and may not obstruct the view of adjacent exhibitors. No display should exceed these restrictions unless approved prior to the conference by the Association. Pipe and drape will not be provided.


The Marketing Association of Credit Unions shall have sole control over all admission policies at all times. All persons visiting the exhibit and/or staff in the booths must wear their conference name badge while in the exhibit hall. Security personnel will check name badges for admittance. No exceptions!

Special Restrictions

  • Exhibitors are prohibited from direct selling (the exchange of any monies including cash, check or charge/credit cards) of their products or services from their booth. The conference is only for display of these products and services. Discount selling of display items at the close of the program is permitted (except food and beverages, which must be approved through the hotel). Giveaways are permitted.
  • Exhibitors are prohibited from using amplified equipment of any nature without permission from the Association. Permission granted for the use of such equipment must not interfere with adjacent exhibitors or other activities on the floor.
  • Exhibitors must confine activities to the space for which they have contracted. Exhibitors will not be permitted to use strolling equipment or distribute samples or souvenirs except within their booths. Any action that may undermine the efforts of another exhibitor will not be permitted.
  • Decorations and displays must be made of nonflammable material or must be treated for fire prevention by an approved method. All display materials must be flameproof and subject to inspection by the local fire department. No flammable fluids or substances may be used or shown in booths. Advice in methods and materials may be obtained from the hotel and/or conference coordinator.
  • Exhibits that in design or operation are objectionable in the opinion of the Association will be prohibited.
  • Any activities, side trips, cocktail parties or events sponsored by the exhibitor must be approved by the Association in advance by contacting the MAC team at Any sponsored event must be open-access for the participation of exhibitors and attendees. No activities will be approved if scheduled during the official conference or exhibit hours.

Cancellation/refund policy

If you are unable to attend, you are welcome to send a substitute. If you will not be sending a substitute cancellation in writing must be received at least 60 days prior to the event to receive a full refund. Cancellations requested with less than 60 days’ notice, but at least 30 days prior to the event, will be subject to a 50% cancellation fee. No refunds will be granted for cancellations received on or after 30 days prior to the event. To cancel, please send an email to the