MAC Conference 2017

May 30 – June 2, 2017  | Austin, Texas

The Westin Austin Downtown. Book discounted hotel rate using this link.

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Get Ready for an Exciting Ride at MAC Austin 2017!

As always, MAC is looking forward to bringing you some exciting content, lots of networking and loads of fun.

RADICAL. You're looking for a conference that is perhaps a little different from the norm? Where content is king (and queen) with speakers who push you, challenge you and make you a little uncomfortable with the way things have always been done at your credit union? THIS…is what MAC Austin 2017 is all about!

RELEVANT. Speakers who are looking past GenY and talking about what’s next. Programs with some meat (that you’ll love even if you’re vegetarian!) – and working ideas you can take home to elevate your organization. And because you’re one of us…topics you help us build to elevate experiential relevancy, growth and profitability at your credit union.

RE:ENERGIZE! It’s in your water, it’s in the Austin air, it’s something we have been able to extract from those cute, little bats under the bridge – and it’s what you’ll feel like after a MAC week networking with partners and peers.

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Keynote Sessions

Shana Merlin

“The Power of Yes”

Shana Merlin—It’s Improv baby! This interactive workshop begins to teach you how to introduce a Culture of Yes into your organization. In a Culture of Yes, new ideas are accepted and encouraged, people take more risks and are more fun to work with, and collaboration happens quickly and constantly. Using the fundamental principle of “Yes And…” from the world of improvisation, this workshop is full of fun, and quick interactive exercises that you can positively take away to change your everyday work and home life.

Why we know you’ll love starting out MAC Austin with Shana:

  • She is interactive and engaging
  • Uses stories, humor, visuals, and activities to capture the improv inside of you and how you’ll apply it to those around you
  • It comes with a money-back guarantee! (not really, but we have your attention, right?)

Kelly McDonald

Crafting the member experience for people not like you: How to delight & engage the consumers your competitors don’t understand”

This session will show how companies, brands and products struggling to differentiate themselves in a sea of sameness can foster long-term loyalty and brand preference with exceptional and customized customer service.

A “one-size fits all” approach to service is no longer viable. Businesses competing on service need to understand and cater to racial, ethnic, religious, generational, lifestyle and geographic differences in order to meet or exceed their service expectations. Core customer groups will be covered, including women, the five generations (Matures, Boomers, Gen X, Gen Y and Gen Z), racial and ethnic segments, as well as those who are defined by key lifestyle and life-stage attributes. Includes consumer insights that will help you deliver a better business experience for every member.

You cannot control the economy, the stock market or the costs of goods and labor. But you can control your organization’s member experience. It’s an empowering thought. Member service is 100% in your control at all times and it’s more important than ever in today’s competitive business environment. And terrific member service doesn’t have to break the bank (or the credit union!) It’s about understanding your member’s values and catering to their priorities.

Why we insisted Kelly come back!

  • Learn the latest techniques that innovative companies are using today to train their staff to deliver exceptional service.
  • Best practices among leading companies and brands will be reviewed.
  • Learn how to listen for what a member wants, not just what he/she may ask for.
  • Learn key insights into delivering terrific member service to the Hispanic consumer.
  • Specific strategies and tactics will be discussed as well as Do’s and Don’ts.

Bryan Kramer

“Human to Human #H2H: Learn How to Speak Human, Share Human and Market Human”

We’ve been trained to speak “business to business” (B2B) or “business to consumer”(B2C). But businesses and products do not have emotion. Humans do. In Human to Human Marketing (#H2H), Bryan explores why and how communication needs to be adjusted to exude simplicity, empathy and imperfection—in the same way humans are built.

Why we know you’ll love Bryan

  • Through storytelling about his own experiences, he’ll deliver practical tools and steps you can use right now to connect with others
  • You’ll finish this session as a better marketer, manager, and fellow members of the human race.
  • His latest book, Shareology, made the USA Today’s Top 150 Book List the week of its release, as well as #1 on Amazon in four categories including Business & Planning. The book explores the history, art and science of sharing, and illustrates why sharing is what gives us a unique competitive advantage as individuals and brands. 

Breakout Session Highlights


Kelly McDonald & Kenja Purkey

“8 Seconds to Impact: How to Grab Millennials’ Attention and Drive Them to You”

In bull riding, the goal is to hang on for eight seconds. An eight-second ride can earn a perfect score. With millennials, you’ve got just eight seconds to grab their attention, according to a recent Microsoft study. If you’re riding a bull, eight seconds seems like forever. In marketing, eight seconds seems barely enough time to say “hi” when it comes to making significant connection with your target customer.

This informative and interactive session will focus on how you can make meaningful impact with Millennial consumers in eight seconds or less - and without spending a zillion dollars. Kelly McDonald co-presents with Kenja Purkey, Marketing Director for The People’s Federal Credit Union, a mid-sized, Texas-based credit union, to bring you actionable, real-life strategies and tactics that you can put to use right away.

Steve Rice, Executive Vice President, EverFi

“Innovating How to Connect With Members and The Future Generation”

The banking industry is rapidly reshaping due to new technological capabilities, regulatory requirements, and shifts in the demographics and expectations of the consumer base. Credit Union marketers must retool and find new and innovative ways to differentiate their institution, strengthen member relationships, and build long-term brand and trust
in their communities. This means taking a more holistic approach and expanding offerings beyond traditional banking products to include financial education, targeted products offerings, and savings tools & resources.

In this session, credit union leaders will learn how to:

  • Increase meaningful engagement to members
  • Enhance member marketing & brand activation
  • Reach all ages and demographics of their member base and communities
  • Leverage best practices from other credit unions